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Cliché / Plate Making Systems

Cost of making your own Clichés

Making your own clichés can save you a lot of money as well as time.

Making your own cliché will also enable you to turn work around the same day, thus enabling you to offer a faster service to your clients as well as saving them money in cliché/plate charges.

Clichés can be made from steel as well as polymer. However, in order to make steel clichés, you will have to use acids. Since the majority of our customers work in an home/office environment, we feel that this option would be not be suitable. However, if you do require steel clichés, then we will be able to put you in touch with the relevant manufacturers/suppliers.

Steel clichés can also be fairly expensive. We have heard customers tell us that they have paid anything from £30 - £60 for a single steel cliché. Yet, the cost of making a Polymer Cliché yourself is under £3.50+VAT'. Sometimes, it may also be possible to etch two or three different 'jobs " on to one cliché, thereby making the cost of a cliché even lower! To make a polymer cliché from artwork takes less than 10 minutes.

Steel clichés are really designed for high volume print runs. However, the majority of our customers may only print anything from a few hundred to around 2000 print runs. In such cases, polymer clichés are more than adequate for the job.

Using one of cheapest polymer cliché making system (CPL-CM), we have even etched text as small as 4pt on to a polymer cliché - and that is small! The print quality, even at this small size was perfect!

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